Soul Searching Wellness Retreat
Soul Searching Wellness Retreat
 Personal Healing  Wellness Retreat

 Heal from Within Live Your Life with           a Purpose

        Englewood, Florida

May 12-May 16, 2023

Happiness & Self Awareness can be yours!!! 

Its time to Live Your Life! 

Its time to know the real you!

This retreat  is an incredible journey that will help you unleash your mind, develop intuition and simply live an extraordinary life.   We will help you gain  the  strength & courage to find your answers.  

 We will guide you to reach your higher level of consciousness. 

We will lead you to grow beyond the person you have known yourself to be.  

You will develop the capacity to embrace your  authentic self. 

Let us help you break old patterns and move forward with freedom & joy. 

Teen Wellenss Retreat
Teen Wellenss Retreat
Mother- Daughter
Wellness Retreat

Englewood, Florida
July 10-13, 2023

Do you Want to Truly Connect as Mother-Daughter? Are you eager to Establish Mutual Respect? 
Aura Wellness Retreat Aims to Restore,  Renew &  Strengthen  Mother-Daughter Bond. 
Join us for a Weekend of Relaxation & Re-balancing. Together we can build a lasting bond.

"New Year, New Me" Retreat
"New Year, New Me" Retreat
Anti Anxiety Wellness Retreate

Englewood, Florida

June 9-13,2023

Are you feeling Anxious.

Are you feeling Sad & Lonely or fearful? 

Do you feel all alone?

Join us in this retreat to gain your life back.  

This retreat will focus on not just healing you but also transforming you into the person you are meant to be.   We will bring you to your highest conscioussness &  raise your intuition.  

You will learn to combat your anxiety, fear & depression.                   Let us help you transform your life in to the life you are meant to have & Be the True Authentic You.                     

Italian Retreat
Italian Retreat
Italy Food & Wine - Be Active Retreat

October 2023

Enjoy this unique upscale retreat exploring the famous Portofino and Cinque Terre parks, where the mountains meet the sea. Lots of walking, yoga, meditation, amazing food and wine, and incredible sceneries!

India Retreat
India Retreat
India Healing Retreat

April 16-29, 2023

If you want to make a major change in your life and you are ready for a challenge. This is the retreat for you!
You will learn to appreciate life and be thankful for this beautiful life we have. We will visit mystic Kashmir & Spiritual Dharamsala where the Dalai Lama resides.

Peru Discovery Retreat
Peru Discovery Retreat
Peru Adventure Retreat 
June 2023

The perfect combination of beautiful sceneries, history, spirituality and an amazing variety of fruits and veggies  enjoy the best nature has to offer...and of course, an unforgettable visit to Machu Picchu!

Personal Healing Wellness Retreat

Englewood, Florida
May 12-16, 2023

We Listen
We Care 
We Understand

Let Us Help You Break Old Patterns & Move Forward with Freedom & Joy!

Anti Anxiety Retreat
Anti Anxiety Retreat

             Shared Room              

$2795 pp

Ask us about our Early Bird Special - Now until 01/18/23

             Private Room              

$3550 pp    

As us about our Early Bird Special- Now until 01/18/23

      Royal Deluxe Suite  

$4350 pp

Ask us about our Early Bird Special- Now until 01/18/23

Retreat Includes:

✔  Resort-Style Accommodations
✔ Healthy Meals
✔ Yoga For Balance, Strength & Flexibility
✔ One-on-one - NLP Sessions
✔ Aqua-Gym
✔ Group Acupuncture
✔ Silent Meditation Beach Walk

 Mindful & Dancing Meditations
✔ Chakra Balance
✔ Pranayama Breathing Exercises
✔ Visualization & Intention Setting
✔ Group Wellness Activities
✔ Soundbath Therapy
✔ Campfire & Smores

Mother & Daughter Bonding Wellness Retreat

Englewood, Florida
July 14-17 2023


$3,850 2 queen beds, shared bathroom 
$4,500 2 queen beds, private bathroom

$4,350 1 king, private bathroom
$ 5,000 Super Deluxe 1 King, private bathroom
(Price for mother and daughter, additional fee for extra guests.

Private room
Is $3150 for the first guest
Optional 2nd guest is $2350 less 30% off -
Royal deluxe
$3950 op
Optional 2nd guest
2350-Less 30%

Contact us for special pricing and promotions


✔ Establish Mutual Respect
✔ Truly Connect 
✔ Strengthen Mother-Daughter Bonds
✔ Encourages Re-balancing & Positive Energy
✔ Promotes Mother-Daughter Communication

Retreat Includes:

✔ Resort-Style Accommodations
✔ Healthy Meals
✔ Dancing Meditation
✔ Mindful Meditation
✔ Yoga For Balance, Strength & Flexibility

✔ Crystal Bowl Therapy
✔Arts & Crafts

✔ Group Wellness Activities

✔ Campfire & Smores
✔ Mini Facial/Mani/Pedi