Life After The Retreat

There is an unraveling that occurs to you during your stay at Aura Wellness that would not happen or may take years to happen, otherwise.  You have experienced an expansion of your self awareness.  You maybe feeling that sense of empowerment or sense of exhiliration .  You have learned the tools to be the true authentic you, to be happy, to elevate your consciousness.  As we navigate the complexities of our busy lives, it becomes essential to prioritize self care and embark on transformative journeys to nurture our bodies, minds and souls.  We invite you to continue you path to self expansion and soul awakening.  Let us guide you to your quest for continued journey to Wellness.   We offer you  Aura Lifeline. We present ongoing support after the retreat.  Our Retreat Practioners are available via Skype, Zoom or Telephone Sessions.

Life Coaching Support

Our goal is to provide all the tools availalable to allow for permananent transformations to our guests inorder to live your true authentic and joyful life.   Are you worried about falling back into old patterns that serve no positive purpose? Are you feelling stuck or not caring about your future? 

We are here to connect with you.  Let's invite joy back into your life.  We invite you to take this oppurtunity to start improving your life now.  

Ways to Gain Lifeline Support

via email:

via tel:  561-566-3008

via website: